FromMaya2Nuke V1.5
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FromHoudini2Nuke V1.0
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Exports Geo, Camera, Lights & Locators

This Scripts exports Poly-Geometry(also Sequence), Cameras, Lights and Locators from Maya/Houdini to Nuke into one ready Set-Up Nuke-Scene.
Just select everything you want to export and run the Script.
It also includes a Nuke-Importer to import/update Cameras, Lights and Locators manually.

autoComper V1.2 - Creates a ready to start script on the push of a Button
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This Python-Script for Nuke allows to make a basic-comp an the push of a button. It does not matter if it is a MultiChannel-EXR, One-Channel-EXR
or any other File with just one-channel like TGA, TIF, JPEG, ... -> Example-Video on YouTube

The Script starts to look for the Channel-Names and if the file just has the 'rgba'-Channel it checks the file-names.
Then it orders the Nodes, comps them with the nodes defined and also creates additional nodes.
Example: It looks for the depth-Channel, then adds a Grade-Node, copies the channel into the depth-Channel of the
Main-Tree and adds a zBlur-Node afterwards.

This is just a Basic-Setup. But it can get easily get changed and expended much more just for every need with changing a few variables.
For example different setups for background. creatures, effects, ....

FromNuke2Maya V1.1- Export Nuke-Cameras
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For people who want to get their self animated or 3D-Tracked Nuke-Cameras into Maya.

If you download it you get two Python-Files. One for Nuke to export the Camera as a fm2n-File and one Maya-Script to import it.